How We Win

Welcome to HighTop Investments - Online Asset Appreciation

With your investment we will provide you with a consistent monthly ROI with an increase of digital net worth.

How We Win

Welcome to HighTop Investments

What is your intention for running your business? Monthly cash flow to pay the bills? To increase its value and then sell your company, or to use this increased value as collateral? When we have asked these questions to hundreds of companies over the years they have predominantly simply answered; “all of the above”.

With this in mind we don’t just boost website rankings in the search engines, through our strategies we also ensure that your digital assets are appreciating. Benefits of having a valuable asset include being able to lend money against the asset, or to sell for huge profits.

You are operating in an environment which is growing faster than anything else on the planet; the internet. The internet grew by over 500% last year and is set to quadruple by 2015. Since you started reading this approximately 170,000 searches have been made on Google and 1.5 million tweets have been made. Have a look.

If you invest in your own website now and take advantage of the massive growth that is occurring worldwide your future will be very bright.

Through Online Asset Appreciation we will provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for free, whilst boosting the value of your site. Therefore, each month you will earn more money because you will have more visitors to your site and you will have a sellable asset.

Have a look at other companies that trust us and feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

Our Strategies



Traditionally, asset appreciation refers to the increase in value or price of an asset–such as a home, property, stocks or anything else that could potentially increase in value. Asset appreciation can increase naturally, or without any action on part of the investor; but it can also increase due to specific actions or decisions on part of the investor which are intended to actually increase the value of the asset. It is important to quickly note the distinction between asset appreciation and asset gain, which is more commonly referred to as capital gain. Capital gain refers to the amount of money or…

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Is your company optimized? Is it running effectively across the board? If you’re like the majority of businesses out there, the answer is probably “no!” And you might not even be aware of it! When a business is optimized, it means that the business is running effectively on every possible level. If you are well aware of the shortcomings of your business, this type of optimization may seem like a pipe dream, but with the right type of business optimization services, your company will be in top shape in what seems like no time. Every business has various factors, aspects and …

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Our goal is to work with clients who want to be Number One. And to be number one in today’s search engine-reliant world-wide web, you will need to have high rankings. A high search engine ranking means a higher income, which is exactly what we want to help all of our clients achieve. Our mentality is to make every project be the best that it can be, and to ensure that every SEO project we tackle means higher revenue through increased search engine positions. Our staff share this mentality and aim to provide the best possible service along with the best possible results.We enjoy working with clients..

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Our Happy Clients

I had always tried to do my own SEO for my websites, but it is really grueling and frustrating process. I decided to hire HipTopSEO to handle all the SEO aspects of my websites, and I am very happy with the results that I had seen so far. Rankings have drastically improved on search engines, and most are now in the top 5 with certain targeted keywords. If you are looking for an efficient way to promote your website, HighTop Investments can definitely help you with that.
Tony G, Gadget Blog Owner
I first created my website in 2005 to sell my dream product. I haven’t received much web traffic at all. Tired of having a lifeless website, I turned to HighTop Investments. I ordered their Platinum package to fix my web content and gather back-links. Three months later, I now have better luck and better web traffic. My site ranked in Google SERPS for the first time. I highly recommend their service, so you too can get help like me.
Abigaíl L, Jewelry Designer
“Before I enlisted the services of HighTop Investments, my website was not even in the top 30 pages of Google search. That was very frustrating for me as I spent a lot of money on my website design. After I enlisted for the services of HighTop Investments, it did not take long before it appeared on the 24th page of Google search. That, for me, was a major improvement. My website is now on the 1st page of Google search, and the HighTop Investments team is still helping me out with this so we can get into the top 3. I am pretty confident that in time, they will get me to that position! Thank you, HighTop Investments!”
Marion D, Videography Service
“I like how professional and helpful these guys are. When I opted for their SEO services, they discussed with me my needs and other related things. They brought back all the information, and that was just it. They started sending me reports on the progress of my website. From nowhere, to the 40th, to the 20th, to the 10th to page 1 where we reports, and I knew they were delivering as promised! I have seen a huge boost of inquires from search engines and is a massive boost to my business.”
Joey R, Chiropractic Business Owner
“I was one of the millions that thought purchasing a domain name and getting a basic website setup was enough to avoid most of the pitfalls associated with starting a site. I was wrong. My content wasn’t rated very high or considered valuable, even though I managed to get enough back-links and other traffic coming to my site. I purchased HighTop Investments’s Silver package to help provide better content for my site. My web visitors now can’t stop complementing my new content. If you need new or fresh content for you site, get HighTop Investments to help you out.”
Andrzej G, Dentistry Website
“There’s way too many sketchy back-link gathering web sources on the net, so for months I’ve had a hard time finding a service that wouldn’t scam me. I’ve even avoided services with malicious back-links for my blog. I stumbled upon HighTop Investments and saw their Gold package offered back-link building. After purchasing the package, I was able to receive a comprehensive review of my content and got relevant and non-malicious back-links added to my blog. I’ll never have another problem with finding back-links again thanks to HighTop.”
Thomas L, Solutions Architect